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stores. waffle house may have a couple of issues every now and then. >> i work night shift, so clubs, you know, drunk people, fighting, all kinds of stuff. it's kind of good they got the police in there. >>reporter: sunshine payne is a waitress at this waffle house. she says she has seen a much calmer crowd since the surcharge went into effect. howecustomers are already payin more, they're leaving less in the form of tips. >> money wise, no, but safety wise, yes. >>reporter: there are yellow and black signs about the property management surcharge posted all over the restaurant and on the menus. still, some people don't notice. >> it's all over in there. >>reporter: and some don't care. >> the prices at waffle house, 20% isn't going to kill you. >>reporter: but to others, it's enough to send them looking for a new place to eat. will you still go back? >> i probably won't go back. i'll probably skip it. >> that was fox' denise dillon reporting. plenty ahead, weather and traffic, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. new this morning from russia, a meteor crashes through the earth's atmosphere and leaves quite a mark behind. the spectacular images that you see right here show a rare meteor exploding into a fireball and breaking into several meteorites. fragments of meet orites caused a factory roof to collapse and glass blew out buildings in six cities. more than 400 people were injured, mostly by that broken glass. good morning, everyone. we're going to continue to follow this this morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news.
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that meteor shower is not the only thing that's being watched in the sky today. >> that's right. scientists are tracking an asteroid that will come closer to earth than any other asteroid ever recorded. it will only be 17,000 miles away from our planet. we'll talk about that coming up throughout the morning hours. >> for tucker we'll cover that at 6:45. >> it's amazing when you see those pictures, i don't remember hearing a lot of talk, a lot of chatter about that in the days leading up to that. >> what happened in russia? >> yeah. >> that's because nobody saw it coming. >> that explains it. that's incredible. >> we got questions for greg later on. >> it happens occasionally. greg will talk about it. let's talk weather. a lot going on here. this morning we're fine, it's quiet and cold, 37 at reagan national, and bwi marshall has dipped below the freezing mark at 31. there might be some frost on your windshield this morning. hi it on mine, so be ready for that. you might need an extra minute to scrape.
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otherwise all the roads -- i'll let julie tell you about the roads. weather wise, shouldn't be impacting the morning commute. satellite and radar, a little bit of cloud cover to start your day. we have a front passing to our north and that's bringing us a little bit of cloudiness. you'll probably see some sunshine here for your morning hours and then we're going to cloud up this afternoon as we are having a secondary front that's going to be approaching from the south and west and that's likely to give us a period of rain showers around here towards the end of the commute, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tonight and that may transition over to a little snow later tonight. we'll have more details on that. 54 in washington, 48 in annapolis, 57 quantico. should be a nice, mild day for you. again, rain moves in late this afternoon. >> all right. we'll be watching it. thank you so much, tucker. >> always a busy day in the weather, especially this time of the year. >> yeah, this time of year. >> always got a lot to talk about. let's check in and see what's happening on the roads with julie wright. >>reporter: not a lot, not right now, anyway. as tucker said, waking up to dry pavement. this is an easy drive so far, southbound 270 coming out of hyattstown. no issues reported through
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germantown and headed towards rockville. overnight construction at 95 and 198, all of that has cleared. 66 eastbound leaving manassas, no issues reported, continuing inbound towards centreville and you'll find you're at speeds, so far so good. new york avenue at blaitensburg road, continuing south into the city and out towards pennsylvania avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our big story this morning, five days of nightmarish conditions finally come to an end for thousands of cruise ship passengers. >> i just feel sick about what they've had to go through. a carnival cruise ship arrive inside mobile, alabama late last night. passengers have access to showers and fresh food for the first time in days. sherry has more on this. >>reporter: hi, sarah, hi, wisdom. carnival cruise passengers headed into mobile today, they were happy to finally have some hot showers and some food after this horrific ordeal at sea.
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it took four hours to get everyone off the 14-story ship. some people were so overjoyed that they kissed the ground. more than 4,000 people were stranded on the triumph for five days after an engine room fire knocked out power. passengers described unsanitary conditions and overflowing toilets. some slept on the open deck. waiting buses took people to hotels in new orleans and texas. the cruise line apologized, but for many passengers, the deplorable conditions seemed unforgivable. >> i would like to reiterate the apology that i made earlier. i know the conditions on board were very poor. i know it was very difficult, and i want to apologize again for subjecting our guests to that. we pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience and clearly we failed in this particular case. >>reporter: the national transportation safety board has opened an investigation. the cruise line gave passengers a full refund and $500 in
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compensation. they admit there had been a mechanical problem on board the triumph in the weeks leading up to this voyage. they have also canceled planned cruises aboard the triumph in the future. dozens of those. and some of those passengers as they arrived at dock in mobile were chanting let me off, let me off. well, they are off now in hotels, finally trying to get back to normal. that's the latest here in the newsroom, back to you. >> i'm not sure i'd want to take a cruise after all of that. >> probably not. that would probably be my last one. >> sherry, thank you so much. our other top stories this morning, police in alexandria have ruled the death of a 94- year-old man a homicide. elmer roars was found dead inside his holly street home wednesday in what appears to have been a violent attack. while police have not made an arrest in rohrs murder, they did arrest a woman for robbing the home last november. officers won't say how they identified her as a suspect in that case, but the home is surrounded by security cameras.
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in prince george's county, family and friends gathered to remember a 71-year-old disabled woman found murdered in her home on saturday. geraldine mcintyre was known throughout her capitol heights neighborhood as a friendly woman who on warm days would sit outside on her porch, greeting people. investigators have been combing the community, passing out flyers and looking for leads. they aren't saying what, if anything, was taken from her home. a judge is promising some transcripts will be released in the chandra levy case. the public will soon learn more about the sealed hearings into the intern's 21 murder. a man was convict inside 2010, but closed-door meetings in recent weeks could signal a problem with the prosecution. after 2 1/2 hours of sealed hearings yesterday, the judge said partial transcripts with redactions will be made available in the next week. president obama's push for preschool, coming up next details on what he is doing to make early access education easier for all families to achieve. first, two weeks from
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today, massive budget cuts are set to kick in, potentially impacting thousands of employees here in our area. the latest on the sequestration debate when we come back. 
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with only two weeks until automatic spending cuts kick in, lawmakers in the white house are no closer to avoiding sequestration. that's a package of cuts that many experts say would threaten national security and gut social programs. officials say it will create a smaller navy and force the layoffs of 10,000 teachers and furlough food inspectors. the $85 billion in cuts goes into effect march 1st. senate republicans have blocked chuck hagel's nomination to become defense secretary for now. democrats came up two votes short of the 60 needed to force a straight up-or-down vote on hagel's nomination. but as they are now leaving town for a week's vacation, another vote is not scheduled until a week from tuesday. if there is not, bomb bombshell revelations about hagel, republicans say they will not filibuster his nomination and he is expected to be confirmed. president obama will be in chicago later on today as he continues to promote issues present inside his state of the union address. the president will talk about proposals to boost the economy, particularly the middle class.
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on thursday mr. obama was in decatur, georgia where he met with students and teachers at the college heights early education program. the president wants to find ways to make schools accessible to all families regardless of their income. mr. obama says early childhood education sets the stage for academic success down the road. >> the kids we saw today that i had a chance to spend time with in mary's classroom, they're some of the lucky ones because fewer than three in 104 years old are enrolled in a high- quality preschool program. >> the state of georgia is considered a success story when it comes to early childhood education. it's the first to offer voluntary pre-k for every 4- year-old regardless of income. here's a question for you, if you had a winning lotto ticket in hand, would you leave your job right away or would you stick around for a while? >> i wouldn't trust it, so i'd
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stick around. >> i'd stick around too. >> a virginia couple has come forward to claim the prize in last week's $217 million powerball jackpot, but they too plan to stay on the job, at least for now. just be cautious. >> wait until it clears. >> we'll have more on that in a few minutes. hey, tuck, what would you do? >> i love my job, you know that. >> you'd quit. >> no, no, i wouldn't quit. i wouldn't get up everyday at 3:00 in the morning. here we go, our forecast, it's an interesting one. we got warm temperatures, some rain showers, maybe some snow in the forecast, we got it all. we'll have details on your weather. julie has your traffic to and without julie everyday, it wouldn't be the same. it's just not the same. >> put her on your yacht. my mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee because she thinks it's too dark, and so i brought her some blonde roast. she loves it now. "my son made me this coffee,"
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"you should try it, it's delicious." ♪
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and some p people found that a little bit strong. but as soon as they tasted blonde roast, boy they were on board. ♪
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welcome back. 5:15 right now on this friday. i just giggled because i realized it's friday. and the weekend is upon us or coming up here pretty quickly and it's going to be a cold weekend, tucker barnes says. >> yeah, that's a guarantee. a lot of cold temperatures this weekend. tomorrow probably upper 30s and mid-30s and we'll have some winds around. it's going to be a cold weekend. >> stay inside. >> well, yeah. yeah. or wear, you know -- >> a puffy jacket. >> a puffy jacket. >> today, however, we're going to be in the 50s. we have a little bit of everything going on here the next couple of days and i'll show you why, kind of a complicated forecast. let's kick it off with temperatures, reagan national now is 37 degrees. so these temperatures falling
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back a few degrees probably above normal for this time of year. salice bury is 32, 31 this morning in baltimore, 30 in fredrick, 27 in manassas, good morning, manassas. 31 out in martinsburg. i had a little frost on the windshield, so particularly north and west where temperatures are falling below the freezing mark, you'll likely have a little frost to contend with. otherwise your morning commute weather wise should be just fine as we're looking at quiet conditions out there. there are some clouds that are moving in from the north and west. our first front generally staying to our north. we have a little bit of cloud cover across the northern tier, you can see that. otherwise we should wake up with at least partial sunshine and the morning hours should feature some sun and the day will start promising. later this afternoon, late this morning and later this afternoon clouds will move in and this next little frontal system, an area of low pressure will kind of pinwheel up and into the washington area this afternoon, that will likely bring us a period of late day rain showers. 5:00, 6:00 tonight we're going to get some rain in here and behind this front, there's some
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very cold air, cold arctic air will be moving in. we think we'll transition during the nighttime hours particularly in the north and northwest from rain to snow. there could be some light accumulations around here by morning, late accumulations, a covering, a dusting, we're familiar with that, maybe up to an inch of snow. as we get into tomorrow, the forecast gets a little more complicated because that front is going to hang up, and we think we're going to get an area of low pressure developing right offshore here. and during the day tomorrow, particularly tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, it is possible that we could see some more snow. still a lot of question marks about that. it's possible that just areas east of washington, low are eastern shore gets more snow during the day tomorrow. so we have to watch that forecast for tomorrow afternoon very carefully. here's futurecast for today, looking fine here early this morning. here comes the rain shower activity. i mentioned by 4:00, ku see it moving in from the west. it'll move through the area during the evening hours, and, again, some of that will transition to snow. you can see that transitioning to snow up into philadelphia. we'll be quiet tomorrow, maybe some morning sunshine and we'll have to stay tuned exactly how
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that storm sets up for the weekend. again, at least the possibility of more snow during the day on saturday. might be just a few flurries. 54 today, a.m. sun, p.m. clouds, late day showers. winds out of the west here at five. rain transitioning to snow for parts of the area, much colder overnight with temperatures getting awfully close to freezing by tomorrow morning. there's your forecast, again, some questions marks about tomorrow. i think we're generally going to be cloudy in the afternoon and some possible snow, again, washington east east and south will be the best chance. sunday 36 degrees, gukend is co then we'll start a bounce back here, could be a little freezing rain tuesday morning at the head of our next system for next week. that's weather. we'll get you an update in just a minute. let's find out what's happening with traffic with julie. julie, what's happen sng >>reporter: all i heard was friday. after that it was beep. eastbound 66, tucker, off to a quiet start this morning with no issues reported, dry pavement and a nice easy commute coming in from business 234 continuing towards centreville. lanes are open leaving fair oaks to 123.
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no problems on the beltway traveling between annandale. this is the live shot at 395 at duke street, both the express lanes and the main line, no problems to report continuing northbound out towards the 14 thr street bridge. the easy drive on the beltway 0 to and from the wilson bridge. southbound along 270 increasing in volume, south of 10 niep headed out towards the scales, again, easy drive out of germantown for the rockville interchanges and headed toward the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. well, have you met molly? chances are some of your kids might know what we're talking about. >> i've never heard of this. molly is not a character but rather a drug. it's been around for years, but references in pop culture are introducing it to new youngsters. fox news' ross spencer has what parents need to know. >>reporter: meet molly, a
5:20 am
dangerous drug hiding behind a friendly name. >> i could think that is talking about a friend or a family member when they're talking about a drug. >>reporter: and taking it at clubs and concerts. molly is also the star of lots of hit songs. pop the molly i sweat >>reporter: even getting a shoutout from madonna at a festival in miami a few months ago. >> how many people in this crowd have seen molly? >> it can be a good thing if you're the one using it because it's very discreet. it's, like, oh, yeah, hang out with molly tonight and you want to see molly. >>reporter: molly is short for molecule, it comes as a pill or a powder >> people describe it as pure m dp dma when in all actuality you don't know it's pure. >>reporter: that pure representation is not exactly true. >> it's a synthetic derivative of mdna, ecstasy. >>reporter: natalie holmes took it everyday for four months. >> i really liked it because it
5:21 am
was very much like ecstasy, gave you thatuforric feeling, but -- at the time it was a lot cheaper arks lot easier to find. >>reporter: hanging out with molly wasn't that difficult. at $20 a pill or $100 a gram. >> that's all over the place. >>reporter: it put this 26- year-old in rehab six times in four years. >> i used to just take it and sit at home with my friends and litch to music, watch tv, whatever, but i think that it's definitely pretty prevalent. it hasn't gotten worse since the last time i used it. >> it's a wave that's traveling throughout the country and it's something that we have to be on the watch for. >>reporter: parents, here's what you need to know, the effects of this drug lasts three to four hours, it has no smell but does have symptoms. >> clenching your teeth, exwroased blood pressure, increased heart rate, severe dehydration, hypothermia which is a dramatic increase in your core body temperature which ultimately results in your organs being cooked from the inside out. >>reporter: homes -- holmes finally went her separate way
5:22 am
from molly. >> i've been clean for 13 months today. >>reporter: a fresh start after years of addiction. >> and it's never too late to turn your life around and do the right thing. >> wow! eye opener there. >> yeah. well, coming up, it's a dream so many people have had, you hit those winning lottery numbers, you say good-bye to your job and hello to easy street, right? >> that's a neighborhood i'd like to be in. but get this, a virginia couple who just claimed the recent demonstrators 217 million powerball jackpot says they're not quitting right away. we'll have more on that after the break. 
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le welcome back. for some people in d.c., valentine's day was spent getting married. dozens of couples tied the knot at superior court on thursday with a total of 14 couples taking their vows. officials say they were so busy that couples were saying i do every 30 minutes. love is in the air. you're going to love this next story too, at least this one family is, a fredricksburg man just got $217 million richer. he's going to give up his job and the 81-mile commute that comes with it. first he had to claim the ceremonial check for the powerball jackpot he hit just over a week ago. fox 5's john hammerhen has more on the big win. >>reporter: our story starts at richmond international airport on super bowl sunday. 53-year-old dave honeywell was departing on a business trip. before he left, he spent $10 in this airport state lottery vending machine, purchasing
5:26 am
five opportunities to win the then growing powerball jackpot. in denver, the morning after the drawing, dave checked online. >> i got the powerball number first i was, like, oh, i won a couple of dollars and i started going left to right and my hands were shaking so bad i couldn't believe it. >>reporter: dave's ticket was the sole winner of a $217 million jackpot. he called home with the happy news. >> we both worked thursday, the same day, we were both still working. >> i was actually in denver, and i was in a meeting, so i had to continue with the meeting. >>reporter: the next problem, getting the $217 million ticket home through airport security screenings where wallets often get separated from people. >>reporter: >> at minneapolis i actually found this wallet you put on your arm. i've use td before for traveling overseas. so i put it in my long sleeves or whatever and put the ticket in there. but i kept checking it on the way home. it's gotta be there, gotta be there. >>reporter: dave got the ticket home and has now been
5:27 am
presentd a ceremonial check for $217, although he has elected the quick payout option of only $136 million. dave and nancy are federal workers, and because of base consolidation, their commute is now 80 miles each way and these new zillionaries have stayed on the job. >> she's going to retire probably here in about 2 1/2 weeks and i'm going to retire probably about another month and a half. i still got some things i need to close on my project. >>reporter: how will their lives change? >> i'm actually going to build a bigger retirement house because we want to build something we can have all of our family there. that's the only big change. >>reporter: this hand shook the hand of powerball winner dave honeywell. >> one, two, three. for the record, boss, i'm not expensing this purchase, so if these numbers hit, it's all mine. in richmond, john henrehan, fox
5:28 am
5 news. >> that's funny. john henrehan there. >> yes. >> what a comedian. i love the fact that they're going to stay on the job, the guy is, he said. >> to finish his project. >> to finish his project, very responsible. but they are going to -- you know, 81-mile commute? i can see why they'd want to quit their job. >> in the last month and a half, they buy a very nice car to make that commute. that's a good idea. coming up this morning, pretty incredible video coming out of russia. you gotta see this. >> watch as a meteorite strikes, leaving behind damage and injury on the same day an asteroid is expected to have a call to earth. we'll tell you about it when we come back. 
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welcome back. we are getting a look at some amazing pictures of a meteor falling to earth in central russia today. it entered the atmosphere in the urral mountains region, about 1,000 miles east of moscow. this is it right here. the driver captured the video as he was on a highway. you can see the meteor exploding into small meteorites. it caused sharp explosions, flashes. a boom left broken glass in several cities which hurt more than 400 people. a meteorite fragment also caused the roof of a factory to collapse. later on today, we were talking about this yesterday, an asteroid will make a close fly-by of the earth. it's about the size of a small apartment building, but nasa says not to worry, it will not
5:32 am
hit the earth. the asteroid will come as close as 17,000 miles, that's within the orbit of more than 100 telecommunication and weather satellites. so as we were getting pom barded with asteroids on this day, hey, happy friday. >> right. >> maybe we'll see you tomorrow, maybe we won't. i'm just kidding. >> don't scare anybody. don't scare anyone. >> i'm he a just kidding. >> can't plan for that. >> no, you can't plan for that. >> we'll talk more about that coming up in about an hour for now. greg, our sky guy will be here. >> for tony tucker, we're going to talk about all this, so it should be interesting. let's talk about weather, we got a lot going on, temperatures in the 30s, kids get on the bus stop, nice and dry for the first half of your day. we will see some showers move in late this afternoon along with some milder temperatures. we'll be in the 50s later for your friday. 37 right now in washington, 30 this morning in boston, it's got a snow pack up there, 30 in chicago and, let's see, 28 in columbus. up ahead of -- we got a couple
5:33 am
fronts coming through, the primary one we'll be concerned with is this afternoon. ahead of that our temperatures should be pushed into the 50s along with some sunshine here for the first part of your day. there's satellite and radar. nice and dry at the moment, cloud cover to the north. again, we'll see the clouds increase later this afternoon. we'll get some showers in here 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tonight in time for that evening commute and then as that front lingers in the area later tonight and the cold air rushes in behind it, we could transition over to a period of snow for parts of the area. remember a couple nights ago we saw that rain transition to snow? could be a similar pattern here where we get a dusting, a covering maybe in the area tomorrow morning we'll wake up to an inch of snow, something like that. there's your forecast, a few showers by 5:00 p.m. with temperatures in the low 50s. you'll want to stay tuned, we've got more in the forecast, and we've got another possible snow event on saturday this weekend. possible. let's check with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. we should be good right now? >>reporter: yeah, dry pavement definitely working in our
5:34 am
favor, sarah. we do have some problems, accident eastbound along 340 as you approach 17. the accident activity 17 and 180 has only the right lane ploked but still causing some backups at this hour. the beltway at university boulevard, traffic flowing between college and bethesda. southbound 270 still an easy go for folks continuing south out of germantown headed out towards the lane divide. now on 66, eastbound traffic flow i from haymark towards the capitol beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you. news out of south africa this morning, partners will pursue a charge of premeditated murder against paralympic star oscar pistorius. the disabled runner is seen here arriving in court just a few hours ago where he reportedly went during the hearing. pris toreious is accused of shooting and killing

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